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A prophecy was given to our people that one day the Neshnabek would almost be wiped out. We would see a time where our people would forget our language, we would forget the stories and teachings of our elders, we would forget how to live sustainably with creation, and some of us would be so ashamed of being Neshnabe that we would ultimately forget who the creator intended us to be: Potawatomi. The prophecy foretold that when we were on our last breath and there was no hope for our people the young ones, the Seventh Generation of people, would bring forth a resurgence. The prophecy foretold that after we had reclaimed our identity and cultural knowledge that we could never lose it again. There will be a time when the people of the world will turn to the Neshnabe for guidance because of the wisdom that the creator has given us as Neshnabe people. The Seventh Generation is now.

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