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We, the Pokagon Potawatomi, have a shared history. We are all here for a reason. Our ancestors and leaders possessed a special genius and tenacity that allowed us to remain in our homeland and connected as a community. Their ingenuity kept our long-established roots here alive, and their strategy of adaptation to a changing, challenging world led our people toward a divine future.


The challenges continue, but since the reaffirmation of our sovereignty in 1994, we have entered an era of liberty. The creator’s purpose for us and the prophesies of our impact are becoming a reality. We Potawatomi live with the earth and seek balance with a focus on the next seven generations. And we are proud to invite our Pokagon Potawatomi people to work together for a divine future, to recognize that shared history, reclaim our culture and language, care for our environment, and fully express our sovereignty. 

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